Oracle Reports: REP-56133: access is denied to write to the specified location

Last weeks I had a new challenge for me. Migration of a Forms & Reports Application to Weblogic Server version 12c. They are enough documentation about installation and configuration of Forms & Reports (I used very good Installation step-by-step manual written by Borys Neselovskyi ). In my blog I will describe only the problems encountered by the migration.

The first one: REP-56133 error by report generating.

Application: The migrated application include a forms application, batch jobs and uses standalone report server for reports generating and. The batch Jobs generate Reports in for the jobs defined output subdirectories of the directory /reports/output. After the migration we got a “REP-56133: access is denied to write to the specified location” error by report generating. In the current Reports version you need to explicit allowing access on the non-default directories for reading and writing. The solution is the adding the following text lines into the standalone server configuration file $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/components/ReportsServerComponent/<Rep.Serv.>/rwserver.conf




Note: the downloaded Report Version ( have a bug, if you are using wildcards for folder access (/reports/output/*). Wildcards don’t work and you get the error REP-56133 message. For solving this problem you need to install the Oracle Report Patch 22334822.



5 thoughts on “Oracle Reports: REP-56133: access is denied to write to the specified location

  1. Please suggest what exactly I have to write in middle portion please give some example.



    • If you generate Reports with rwclient into a not standard directory, you run somthing like this
      rwclient server=myrepserv report=test.rdf userid=scott/tiger@mydb desformat=pdf DESTYPE=file DESNAME=c:\mydir\test

      By default you don’t have access in Oracle Reports to the c:\mydir\test directory and you will get the REP-56133 error. To correct this you must open the rwserver.conf and add the access grants to the directory. For our example:



  2. Hi, thank you for this post. I have another strange behaviour, probably you can help me.
    i want to generate and directly print a PDF report with barcodes included, therefore i call it like this. canon ist the printer name.

    a File with the ending .pdf is generated, but the content is a Postscript File, an my printer can not print this file because of missing barcode fonts. Do you know why the content is Postscript?

    here are the first lines of the generated file
    %%Creator: Oracle Toolkit 2 für Motif PRODUCTION
    %%Version: 12.2 1
    %%CreationDate: (Thu Dec 14 17:08:55 2017)
    %%For: ((oracle@hauni12c))
    %%Title: ‘rpt_2101’ (Oracle Toolkit Application)
    %%LanguageLevel: 1
    %%Requirements: numcopies(1)
    %%DocumentData: Clean7Bit
    %%PageOrder: Ascend
    %%Pages: (atend)
    %%Orientation: Portrait
    % NOTE: This file was generated with the PPD file screenprinter.ppd
    %%DocumentNeededResources: font AvantGarde-Book font AvantGarde-BookOblique
    %%+ font AvantGarde-Demi font AvantGarde-DemiOblique font Bookman-Demi

    if i call it like this, a proper PDF File is generated.


    • Hi René,

      i think if you use destype=printer the desformat parameter will be ignored and you get always the Postscript format as output.

      Best regards.


      • ah, ok, i’m calling the report out of an oracle form.
        so probably i have to generate a pdf file and then print the file with a system call out of the oracle form


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