Oracle Reports: REP-56133: access is denied to write to the specified location

Last weeks I had a new challenge for me. Migration of a Forms & Reports Application to Weblogic Server version 12c. They are enough documentation about installation and configuration of Forms & Reports (I used very good Installation step-by-step manual written by Borys Neselovskyi ). In my blog I will describe only the problems encountered by the migration.

The first one: REP-56133 error by report generating.

Application: The migrated application include a forms application, batch jobs and uses standalone report server for reports generating and. The batch Jobs generate Reports in for the jobs defined output subdirectories of the directory /reports/output. After the migration we got a “REP-56133: access is denied to write to the specified location” error by report generating. In the current Reports version you need to explicit allowing access on the non-default directories for reading and writing. The solution is the adding the following text lines into the standalone server configuration file $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/components/ReportsServerComponent/<Rep.Serv.>/rwserver.conf




Note: the downloaded Report Version ( have a bug, if you are using wildcards for folder access (/reports/output/*). Wildcards don’t work and you get the error REP-56133 message. For solving this problem you need to install the Oracle Report Patch 22334822.



2 thoughts on “Oracle Reports: REP-56133: access is denied to write to the specified location

  1. Please suggest what exactly I have to write in middle portion please give some example.



    • If you generate Reports with rwclient into a not standard directory, you run somthing like this
      rwclient server=myrepserv report=test.rdf userid=scott/tiger@mydb desformat=pdf DESTYPE=file DESNAME=c:\mydir\test

      By default you don’t have access in Oracle Reports to the c:\mydir\test directory and you will get the REP-56133 error. To correct this you must open the rwserver.conf and add the access grants to the directory. For our example:



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